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The Adventures of Octowheel is a 2.5D puzzle platformer based in a dystopian world inhabitted by robots and it is your job to adventure through the lands to restore the light to an unjust world through the power of your voice which allows the player to perform abilities.

It was intended that as the player unlocks more parts of a voice they are able to perform more abilities however due to time restrictions the player has access to all of these abilities from the start Where did the idea come from? The night before the jam a member of the team was thinking about possible games for the jam and a mechanic was that the player would get voices that allowed them to perform certain tasks.

How did you address the themes and keyword of the jam?

The character uses their voice to interact with the world, it was intended that to perform actions such as jumping and shrink the players character would have to say the action to perform it. Using their voice would allow the character to not only access more of the level but access a better world.

Gameplay Instructions!

W or Space - Jump
A/D - Move Left/Right
Scroll Wheel/1-5 Change Skill
Mouse Click - Activate Skill
Shift - Move Faster

Skill 1 - Spark (not implemented)
Skill 2 - WubWub (not implemented)
Skill 3 - Create Block at mouse location
Skill 4 - Shrink
Skill 5 - Slide (not implemented)

Origin of Art and Sound Assets All of the art and music in the game was created during the event by team members, a number of sound effects were created during the event for the game as well however they did not make it into the game due to several major functionality bugs which were deemed more important.

Unfortunately we were unable to implement textures effectively. We were hoping to implement a saturation style colour scheme, as the player progresses through the game the world would become more colourful, as the darkness is slowly defeated.

Install instructions

Unpack the folder

Run the .EXE

Source code has also been included.


OctoWheel EXE+ Source.7z 50 MB